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At Advance Title & Closing we pride ourselves on our service to Realtors, Lenders and Homeowners.  Our mission with each transaction is to be part of your team and a trusted resource during the process.  We have the knowledge and expertise to bring your Title and closing experience to the next level.

I have to say I am very happy with Mike Huibregtse. He follows through on everything and copies me so I know what is happening. I have used at least 6 title companies in the past with ,, with people who didn’t follow through, I had to ask where we were on the closing and didn’t let me know we did not have something to close until the day before closing. No other company has compared with Advance. I can send him my accepted offer form, the OTP and he is on it within a day.  Advance’s closing costs are also cheaper than many for the sellers and the Title office is pretty central on Bluemound for most transactions. I know agents are known for being stuck in their ways but I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Cudos Mike, and I hope everyone gives you a try.

After I used Advance Title & I never went back to my old title company!! There is something special about the experience with Advance Title and Mike! I never have to worry about anything & he always let’s me when if I forget to send him something.

I was very used to the title company that I had previously used, but after using Mike at Advance, I won’t go back.  He takes care of so much of the client communication and gets closing statements done well in advance of closing, so there aren’t any surprises.

It’s hard to put into words how professionally and promptly all was taken care of – without any need for me to follow-up or worry about any detail.

I have switched over to Advance Title! Mike is always spot-on with everything and the closings are flawless!

I’ve had nothing but the BEST, EFFICIENT, and PROMPT service from Advance Title.  In the past, I sent 100% of my seller sales to another title company but last year, I tried a sale with Advance Title.  Working with Advance Title is a much better experience for me (the internal customer) as well as my Sellers (the external customer).  Mike is courteous with our clients, the value of the services is outstanding, and the level of service we receive is top notch!

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Your client is our client.  We make that relationship top priority and work together to make your transaction as seamless as possible.


Expertise, Knowledge and Attention to detail is what you need and is what you get with Advance Title & Closing.


Selling a home is a complicated transaction. Trust us and know that your transaction is in the best hands with Advance Title & Closing.

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Your Home Team Title Company

Expertise, Knowledge and Attention to detail is what you get with Advance Title & Closing.
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